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Sequential Experimental Study and Optimisation of an Acid Copper Pattern Plating Process

G.K.K. Poon

Sequential application of fractional factorial and responsesurface designs in the regression modelling and optimisation of a multi‐parameter typemanufacturing process is…


Drum Side Treated Foil: Advanced Copper Foil Technology for Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Applications

E.J. Bergum

Drum Side Treated Foil is an electrodeposited copper foil with the adhesion promoting treatment applied tothe drum, or shiny side, instead of to the more typical matte side. The…


MID Interconnection Considerations

G. van Alst, P. van Dijk, F. van Meijl

Various methods are described of makingseparable electrical connections to MID structures. The firstpart discusses the use of a copper plated,glass filled plastic substrate as a…


A Newly Developed System for Small Annular Ring Formation

K. Masaoka, Y. Tanaka, H. Kobayashi

Fine line circuitry has become much more common in printed wiring board manufacturing during the past decade. Manufacturers are currently producing 4 or 5 conductor lines between…


The Contamination Audit – A Vital Tool For Yield Improvement

S. Hamilton

With the increasing trends towards fineline circuitry,contamination has become a major cause of defects. This paper outlines the techniques used inconducting a Contamination Audit…


Solder Joint Reliability of Large Plastic Ball Grid Array Assemblies Under Bending, Twisting, and Vibration Conditions

J. Lau, K. Gratalo, E. Schneider, T. Marcotte, T. Baker

The mechanical and vibration responses of 225‐pin, 324‐pin and 396‐pin PBGA(plastic ball grid array) solder joints have been determined in this study. The effects ofoverload…


Electrochemical Migration in Multichip Modules

B. Rudra, M.J. Li, M. Pecht, D. Jennings

Laminated substrates are used widely in the manufacture of multichipmodules (MCM‐L) by the electronic packaging industry. Of late, the thrust hasbeen towards higher density…

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