Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 15 Issue 4


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Bristol Voss, Christine Unrnh, Yeun Littlefield, Barry A. Pupkin, B.V.

Federal judges can execute at will—execute U.S. corporations, that is. Buried in the 1991 sentencing‐guidelines is a clause that gives courts the power to put any business out of…


Our day is filled with decisions that affect our ability to manage and to reach organizational objectives. Not all decisions, however, are equal. The most common decisions are…

Compensation: Linking Pay to Business Objectives

Doran Twer

Ameritecli, the Midwest telephone service company, inherits a fairly traditional work culture from its days as part of AT&T. The new business objectives call for the creation of a…

Ethics: What about thou shalt?

Craig Dreilinger

Codes of ethics typically define what “thou shalt not” do. They also mostly deal with legalities. Because of this approach, codes rarely prevent unethical conduct because such…

Planning Theory: Keep On Keepin' On

Beverly Goldberg, John G. Sifonis

Classic theory says that there are three major steps in a change management program: unfreezing, changing, and refreezing. The early gurus of change management who developed the…

The NEW! LEAN Planning Machine

Meryl Davids

Bloated planning departments are history. But that doesn't mean planning's an ancient art. A number of top companies have been starting up new departments from scratch—and so can…


Betsy Wiesendanger

Non‐profits have to make money—lots of it, in fact. And there's lots to learn from the creative strategy, planning, and marketing these concerns employ.


Passion. Intensity. Experience. That's what good, dynamic, exhilarating speakers can offer the crowds who are hanging on their every word. But speakers of that ilk are rare—even…

Today's EASYRIDERS are all business… NOT!

Yeun Littlefield

WHEN YOU'RE ON THE BACK OF A 900 CC BMW R90/6 GOING full speed underneath a Sunday morning menacing sky, holding on by locked thumbs to a boot‐clad, black‐leathered, blond‐haired…


Meryl Davids

Beyond the hype of what may come, companies are discovering ways to plug into interactive marketing today. Meryl Davids reports on their progress.

Out‐of‐Pocket: Gloved Ones: White‐Collar Boxing

Meryl Davids

Think this morning's board meeting was tough? Try getting into the boxing ring with Peter Lawrence.

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