Interlending & Document Supply: Volume 30 Issue 2


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The future of interlibrary loan and document supply: views and comments

Maurice B. Line, Elda‐Monica Guerrero, Mary E. Jackson, Niels Mark, Henri Sène, Leo Waaijers

Several members of this journal’s editorial advisory board give brief views on how they see the future of interlending and document supply. The article concludes with an overview…


Digitising instead of mailing or shipping: a new approach to interlibrary loan through customer‐related digitisation of monographs

Günter Mühlberger

While document delivery of journal articles has seen some remarkable progress, interlibrary loan (ILL) of monographs is still carried out in the way it started; to satisfy the…

Top performing interlending operations: results of the Australian benchmarking study

Tom Ruthven, Susan Magnay

During the year 2000 over 100 Australian libraries across all sectors participated in a comprehensive study of interlending and document delivery. The study used a survey to…

Back to the future – when resource sharing seemed to work. The rise and fall of a successful consortial resource sharing network

Terry L. Weech

In the early 1980s the state of Illinois formed a state‐wide resource sharing consortium under a state network called ILLINET, founded on an OCLC‐based bibliographic database and…



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