Sensor Review: Volume 21 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Self‐powered systems: a review of energy sources

P. Glynne‐Jones, N.M. White

A range of self‐power technologies is reviewed. Self‐powered systems are defined as those that operate by harnessing ambient energy present within the environment of the…

The UK gas sensor industry

Robert Bogue

Reviews the state of the UK gas sensor industry. Considers the nature and scale of university research and the extent to which this has been exploited by UK gas sensor…

Autonomous radio sensor points to new applications

Jack Hollingum

A Siemens research team has developed a sensor that remains passive unless an event such as a pressure change occurs, in which case it generates its own power and…

Award‐winning shape acquisition speeds up prototype production

Ian Alcock

A consortium of UK companies has developed a high speed, high accuracy 3D shape acquisition system called Photoform that can dramatically speed up prototype production in…

Space technology comes down to earth

Jack Hollingum

Space satellites have for years used solar cells for their source of electricity. However, the technology has been expensive and relatively inefficient in comparison with…

PVDF piezoelectric polymer

Pierre Ueberschlag

PVDF piezo polymers are new, valuable materials for sensing and actuating applications. These materials are strong candidates for new sensors that cannot be realised with…

Autonomous current sensing for high voltage systems with auxiliary optical energisation

E.F. Donaldson, P.A. Calton, J.R. Gibson, G.R. Jones, N.A. Pilling, B.T. Taylor

An autonomous sensing system is described for deployment on high voltage power lines and to provide an economical method for monitoring current on such lines. The autonomy…

Thermal sensor using the differential thermal analysis for the detection of relative humidity

B. Sorli, F. Pascal‐Delannoy, A. Foucaran, A. Giani, A. Boyer

This article describes a new humidity sensor using the technique of differential thermal analysis (DTA). The energy of water vaporisation is estimated via the measurement…

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