Planning Review: Volume 17 Issue 4


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Plus development corporation: Joint venturing a breakthrough product

Steven C. Wheelwright, Nan S. Langowitz

Plus Corporation, working with a leading‐edge Japanese manufacturer, is rushing a unique product to market. The principals must manage the joint venture, survive a…

Implementing manufacturing strategic planning

Jeffrey G. Miller, Warren Hayslip

Here's the answer to “why” and “how” “global” manufacturing strategy should be integrated into corporate strategy.

Upping the odds for strategic alliance success

Robert M. Randall

Joint ventures to produce a product have been in business for decades. Nowadays they're called “strategic alliances,” and they are likely to have information gathering as…

How battle‐tested managers assess strategic alliances

Peter Pekar

This survey of joint venture managers asked what they were doing light and doing wrong. By striving to avoid their mistakes, you can increase the potential value of your…



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