Planning Review: Volume 15 Issue 1


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Shareholder value: How reliable a guide?

Milton Leontiades

Running a business used to be a matter of fundamentals. Managers were expected to raise the operating efficiency of a firm. That meant new plants, or new technology, or…

Barricades to strategic marketing thinking

Arthur Daltas, Philip McDonald

“Barricades must be removed before the formulation of new plans begins.”

Colorful chemicals cuts its losses

George R. Seiler

This case is based on the author's experience with a real corporate problem. All names are fictional and the company's business has been disguised. Although all numbers…


Milton Leontiades

As Gerard Adams points out, “Even if managers feel relatively secure in their control of internal business variables, the outcomes of their decisions are affected by the…

Strategic resource allocation using divisional hurdle rates

Michael Hergert

Business planners have become increasingly aware of the need to take into account both the return on capital investment and the cost of capital. However, establishing…

World political/business risk analysis for 1987

William D. Coplin, Michael K. O'Leary

Led by authors Coplin and O'Leary, 85 teams of analysts chart the ebb and flow of political risk on the basis of these critical judgments about the year to come.

“Strategic Alliances: New competitive muscle” business week's ninth annual strategic planning conference— October 1986

Walter B. Schaffir

What are “Strategic Alliances”? Are they different from joint ventures? Professor Edward B. Roberts of M.I.T. defines them as direct co‐investments by two or more…

Cultures and competitive strategies: Highlights of the 1986 Strategic Management Society Conference

Bernard C. Reimann

The Strategic Management Society attracted 450 participants to its annual conference in October in exotic, bustling Singapore to explore the theme, “Cultures and…

Restructuring the corporation

Herbert Spencer Parker

On November 7, 1986, the metropolitan New York chapter of The Planning Forum presented a one‐day workshop on “Restructuring the Corporation—Why, What, and How.” Constance…



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