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The heart of the wheat

Peter Barnes

The domestication of grasses took place some 8,000 to 10,000 years ago. Strains were gradually selected whose seeds remained attached to the fruiting head long enough for the crop…

Toxic substances in the environment

Urlich E. Loening

Over the last century or two, mankind has had and is continuing to have a greater effect on the planet than ever before in history, or even in the history of life. If that seems…

Nutritious is delicious

Michael Turner

Many people regard nutritionists as mean‐minded spoilsports who get a perverse pleasure from telling people what not to do. If it's pleasurable, it's sinful, is another often…

Serviceable flour recipes

Irene Finch

Some flour recipes clearly help our nutrition aims or can easily be modified to do so. They are the main subject of this article, in which some useful flour cookery principles are…

Iron absorption and utilisation in the elderly

New techniques suggest that inorganic iron absorption in the elderly is not normally reduced. The chief abnormal finding in a group of elderly healthy people was an increase in…

Nutrition labelling

This subject has long been debated by food manufacturers, nutritionists and consumer groups. Ideally, nutrition labelling should help the consumer make an informed choice of food…

Vegetables Food for man and animals

The Institute of Biology recently held a symposium to assess the value of vegetables for feeding people and livestock in relation to the inputs of energy, labour and money that…

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