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Is blockchain tourism’s new hope?

Elnaz Irannezhad (Australian Road Research Board, Brisbane, Australia)
Renuka Mahadevan (School of Economics, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia)

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology

ISSN: 1757-9880

Article publication date: 9 December 2020

Issue publication date: 8 April 2021




Blockchain is a disruptive technology enabling distributed, encrypted, smart and secure peer-to-peer transactions. The fragmented nature of the tourism industry with a high number of contracts and transactions between several parties has security issues, disputes and delay. Although these motivate the use of blockchain, scholars have barely begun to systematically assess the value proposition of blockchain in the hospitality and tourism industry. The purpose of this paper is to examine the impacts, opportunities and challenges of blockchain in the tourism and hospitality sector. The authors present early use cases of blockchain in the tourism industry.


The authors conducted a multiple case-study approach and grounded this study based on the technology acceptance management literature with context-specific variables that are pivotal to the study of this topic.


This paper outlines the useful features of blockchain in the tourism industry in seven major streams and raises four future research questions. This review will enable hypotheses to be set out for consumers and producers involved in tourism to uncover potential motives and barriers to embracing blockchain.

Research limitations/implications

Blockchain is a relatively new technology, and given that all use cases are limited to the proof of concept and have not been fully adopted by the industry, empirical assessment of case studies is not feasible yet.


As blockchain is becoming more known and used in the tourism industry, there is a need to identify challenges, issues and concerns relevant for this industry moving forward. This paper fulfils this need and provides directions for future research.


区块链是一种颠覆性技术, 使P2P交易分布化、加密化、智能化、以及安全化。旅游业分散的属性, 不同群体之间有着很多频繁的合同和交易, 使得其行业有着安全隐患、争论、以及延迟。这些属性都促使其使用区块链技术, 然而学者们还未曾系统化地审视区块链在酒店和旅游业中的具体价值。本论文旨在分析旅游和酒店产业中的区块链影响、机会和挑战。我们展示了旅游业早期使用的区块链案例进行说明。


我们采用多个案例分析的方式, 以及将我们的分析基于技术接受管理文献, 以及审视一些针对我们的研究课题至关重要的具体背景下的多个变量。


研究结果展示了区块链技术在旅游行业中的7大主要分支, 以及提出了针对未来研究的问题。本论文还提出了针对旅游消费者和提供商家的多个假设, 以揭示采用区块链的潜在动机和障碍。


区块链是相对较新的技术, 由于所有案例都局限于概念层面, 并未完全被产业所采纳, 针对案例的实际分析尚未可能。


由于区块链正在被旅游市场渐渐熟知和使用, 对其的挑战、潜在问题、以及考量等的认知, 将有利于产业的推进。本论文正是应市场需求而生的, 对未来研究有着启示作用。



The authors are very grateful for the insightful comments of two anonymous reviewers who commented on an earlier version of this manuscript.


Irannezhad, E. and Mahadevan, R. (2021), "Is blockchain tourism’s new hope?", Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, Vol. 12 No. 1, pp. 85-96.



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