Cross Cultural & Strategic Management: Volume 25 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Intercultural conflict and collaboration

Guest Editors: Leigh Anne Liu, Wendi Adair

Understanding intercultural dynamics: Insights from competition and cooperation in complex contexts

Leigh Anne Liu, Wendi L. Adair, Dean Tjosvold, Elena Poliakova

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview on the state of the field in intercultural dynamics on competition and cooperation at the individual, team, and organizational…


Intercultural challenges in managing workplace conflict – a call for research

Jeanne Brett

The purpose of this paper is to discuss cultural causes of conflict in the workplace and call for research to address what happens when cultures collide generating workplace…


Social rewards: the basis for collaboration in honor cultures

Jimena Yolanda Ramirez-Marin, Saïd Shafa

The purpose of this paper is twofold: first, to define social rewards, as acts and expressions which specifically signal respect, courtesy and benevolence to the other party…

Transforming cross-cultural conflict into collaboration: The integration of western and eastern values

Nancy Chen, Mike Chen-ho Chao, Henry Xie, Dean Tjosvold

Scholarly research provides few insights into how integrating the western values of individualism and low power distance with the eastern values of collectivism and high power…


Preference for relationship help and emotional help from third parties across cultures: The mediating effects of idiocentric and allocentric orientations

Huadong Yang, Amna Yousaf

In this paper, the authors examine the role of idiocentric and allocentric cultural orientations in employees’ preference for relationship help and for emotional help from third…

Americans’ cross-cultural schemata of Iranians: an online survey

Saied Reza Ameli, Ehsan Shahghasemi

For about four decades, Iran and the USA have continued to be two most stubborn enemies and this has drawn much research on this subject. Yet, only a very small fraction of this…

The bright side of social categorization: The role of global identity in reducing relational conflict in multicultural distributed teams

Raveh Harush, Alon Lisak, Ella Glikson

Using social categorization perspective, the purpose of this paper is to explore the effect of global identity, perceived proximity, and team interdependence on relational…


The interplay of rules, asymmetries in language fluency, and team dynamics in culturally diverse teams: Case study insights

Mary Vigier, Helen Spencer-Oatey

The purpose of this paper is to explore how newly formed culturally diverse project teams develop and implement rules, and how these processes may be affected by language-fluency…


Dialogue as a source of positive emotions during cross-border post-acquisition socio-cultural integration

Riikka Harikkala-Laihinen, Mélanie Hassett, Johanna Raitis, Niina Nummela

The purpose of this paper is to analyse how dialogue can be used to promote post-acquisition socio-cultural integration. Specifically, it addresses questions regarding when and…

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