International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies: Volume 9 Issue 2


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The path of teachers' learning through lesson and learning studies

Keith Wood

The purpose of this article is to discern and discuss dimensions of variation opened by the articles in the issue 9(2) of the International Journal of Lesson and Learning

Building on student conceptions in the design of history instruction addressing sources: A learning study in upper secondary school

Anders Nersäter

The purpose of this paper is to convey findings of how a source-based unit in history can be designed and implemented on the basis of identified critical aspects using…

Lesson study with didactical engineering for student teachers in Brazil

Aluska Dias Ramos de Macedo, Paula Moreira Baltar Bellemain, Carl Winsløw

The purpose of this paper is to experiment with ideas from didactical engineering (DE) in student teachers’ first experience with lesson study (LS).

Involving students in lesson study: a new perspective

Tomoko Tamura, Yuko Uesugi

While Lesson Studies are usually defined as “teacher-led” collaborative research for the purpose of improving teaching, one Japanese junior high school has conducted…

Student voice in Lesson Study as a space for EFL teachers’ learning: a case study in Kazakhstan

Olga Khokhotva, Iciar Elexpuru Albizuri

The purpose of this paper is to report the findings from a case study of an action research project in the context of a secondary school in Kazakhstan where, for the first…

Knowledge management strategies for sustaining Lesson Study

Eric C.K. Cheng

The purpose of this paper is explore the relative effectiveness of people-based and information technology-based knowledge management (KM) strategies as implemented by…

Lesson study: exploring implementation challenges in England

Sarah Seleznyov

Japanese lesson study (LS) is a professional development approach in which teachers collaboratively plan a lesson, observe it being taught and then discuss what they have…

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