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Muslim academics’ knowledge sharing in Malaysian higher learning institutions

Muhammad Ashraf Fauzi, Christine Tan Nya-Ling, Ramayah Thurasamy, Adedapo Oluwaseyi Ojo, Ibrahim Shogar

The purpose of this paper is to investigate Muslim academics’ knowledge sharing (KS) behavior and its relating predictors in the context of Malaysia. Academics being the center…

“Is sharing really caring?”: The impact of eWoM on halal tolerance among Malay Muslim consumers

Wan Rusni Wan Ismail, Mohhidin Othman, Russly Abdul Rahman, Nitty Hirawaty Kamarulzaman, Suhaimi Bin Ab Rahman

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the extent and the impact of negative electronic word of mouth (eWoM) on Muslim consumers’ tolerance and to look for evidence on…

Determinants of halal purchasing behaviour: evidences from China

Meenchee Hong, Sizhong Sun, A.B.M. Rabiul Beg, Zhangyue Zhou

With a fast-growing Muslim population and consumer income, the demand for halal products by Chinese Muslims has expanded strongly. However, literature addressing Chinese Muslims’…


Ascertaining the “Halalness” of restaurants – scale development and validation

Ghazala Khan, Faiza Khan

The purpose of this study is to develop and validate a measurement scale for determining the “Halalness” of restaurants and related behaviour among Muslim consumers in the absence…

Impact of smartphone brand experience on brand equity: With mediation effect of hedonic emotions, utilitarian emotions and brand personality

Muhammad Faisal Shahzad, Muhammad Bilal, Jin Xiao, Tahir Yousaf

The purpose of this study is to find the influence of brand experience on brand equity with the mediation of hedonic emotions, utilitarian emotions and brand personality among the…


Market coopetition: Implications of religious identity in creating value added partnership within halal mart retailers

Mohd Khairulnizam Sahlan, Mohd Fauzi Abu-Hussin, Aminudin Hehsan

The purpose of this paper is to explore coopetition, a strategy that combines cooperation and competition, in addressing relationships between small grocery retailers. Using…

Ritual as assemblage: feast of sacrifice experiences of Turkish consumers

Ömer Torlak, Müjdat Özmen, Muhammet Ali Tiltay, Mahmut Sami İşlek, Ufuk Ay

The purpose of this paper is to theorize and empirically investigate the formation of consumer’s consumption ritual experiences and discourses associated with Feast of Sacrifice.

Young consumer’s influence: a study of Gulf region

Monica Chaudhary, Omar Durrah, Suhail M. Ghouse

The emergence of children as a distinct consumer class has led to a stronger influence on the parents and their participation in the family buying process. This paper aims to…

What keeps Islamic mobile banking customers loyal?

Mohamed Asmy Bin Mohd Thas Thaker, Md Fouad Bin Amin, Hassanudin Bin Mohd Thas Thaker, Anwar Bin Allah Pitchay

This study aims to find important factors of Malaysian Islamic banking customers’ loyalty or continuance intention to use Islamic mobile banking services.


A study of unconscious emotional and cognitive responses to tourism images using a neuroscience method

Ian Michael, Thomas Ramsoy, Melodena Stephens, Filareti Kotsi

This applied neuroscience study aims to understand how direct and unconscious emotional and cognitive responses underlie travel destination preferences. State-of-the-art…


Customer satisfaction and its measurement in Islamic banking sector: a revisit and update

Abdel Latef M. Anouze, Ahmed Salameh Alamro, Abdulkareem Salameh Awwad

The purpose of this study is to answer the following questions: How to measure customer satisfaction from the provisioning service of both: Islamic and Conventional banks? Can we…


Halal certification compliance and its effects on companies’ innovative and market performance

Normia Akmad Salindal

The purpose of this study is to identify the effect of halal certification on innovative and market business performance of halal-certified food companies in the Philippines…


Strategies for improving the competitiveness of Korean seafood companies in the overseas halal food market

Khawaja Muhammad Imran Bashir, Jin-Soo Kim, Md Mohibbullah, Jae Hak Sohn, Jae-Suk Choi

This study aims to investigate the current and future status of overseas halal food marketing and develops strategies for improving the competitiveness of Korean seafood companies…


Measuring religiosity among Muslim consumers: observations and recommendations

Muhammad Talha Salam, Nazlida Muhamad, Vai Shiem Leong

Research on Muslim consumers has increasingly highlighted the significance of measuring religiosity. However, there is an apparent lack of uniformity in measuring religiosity…

Marketing information, management and use: the case of Saudi Arabia

Hussein Abdulla El-Omari

Obtaining, managing and using proper marketing information are considered an important strategic issue that cannot be ignored in the light of stiffening competition locally and…

Religion, peculiar beliefs and luxury cars’ consumer behavior in Iran

Mohammad Hossein Forghani, Ali Kazemi, Bahram Ranjbarian

Religious and peculiar beliefs are two of the factors affecting consumer behavior and may differentially affect individuals and societies. Therefore, this study aims to…

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