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A Framework for Innovation

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Rise of the machines: examining the influence of professional service robots attributes on consumers’ experience

Yonggui Wang, Xiaomei Cai, Changliang Xu, Jun (Justin) Li

This study aims to explore the antecedents of perceived value and the moderating effect of trust and the relationship between these antecedents and perceived value in the context…


The impact of consumers’ attitudes towards technology on the acceptance of hotel technology-based innovation

Vincent Ting Pong Cheng, Renyu Guo

Technology-based innovation (TBI) is a primary approach across the hospitality industry to improve customer experience. It is essential to know the critical factors that affect…


Assessing the belt and road initiatives impact on tourism development in China: insights from MOOCs learning platform

Hanqin Qiu, Dongzhi Chen, Qinghui Li, Kanglin Peng, Carson Lewis Jenkins

This study aims to explore the impact of the belt and road initiative (BRI) on tourism development in China and to identify the factors contributing to the BRI’s effect on tourism…


New technology and tourism industry innovation: evidence from audio-visual patented technologies

Eleonora Pantano, Dimitrios Stylidis

Patenting behaviour in the tourism sector has received little academic attention due to a wider belief that innovation in tourism commonly involves improving the services in ways…

The effect of online reviews on restaurant visit intentions: applying signaling and involvement theories

Leonardo Aureliano-Silva, Xi Leung, Eduardo Eugênio Spers

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of online reviews on consumers’ intention to visit restaurants, with the moderating role of involvement.


The influence of outsourcing activities on the perception of service quality. An empirical study based on online reviews by hotel customers

Tomás F. Espino-Rodríguez, Manuel Rodríguez-Díaz

This study aims to examine the impact of the outsourcing of hotel departments on service quality measured through online customer reviews.

Data mining approach investigates Western-style restaurant hospitality management in Taiwan

Shu-Hsien Liao, Retno Widowati, Ting-Hung Lin

In terms of service hospitality, recent discussions of value-in-use from the perspective of service-dominant logic have focused on the customer’s determination of value and…

“Seriously, Australia, why are you so stingy with Wi-Fi?”: customer satisfaction with Wi-Fi speed in Australian hotels and lessons for public Wi-Fi provision

Viktor Grechyn, Ian McShane

This paper aims to analyse whether the speed of Wi-Fi in hotels influences customer satisfaction with hotels and the implications of this for the provision of Wi-Fi by commercial…

How customer-driven and vendor-driven information cues shape a travel app user behaviour?

Lejla Turulja, Merima Činjarević

This study aims to apply the stimulus-organism-response framework to uncover the underlying mechanism by which the perceived helpfulness of online customer reviews (OCRs) drives…

Exploring customers’ attitudes to the adoption of robots in tourism and hospitality

Mohamed Abou-Shouk, Hesham Ezzat Gad, Ayman Abdelhakim

This study aims to explore the factors affecting customers’ attitudes to the adoption of robots in hotels and travel agencies.


How children experience virtual reality travel: a psycho-physiological study based on flow theory

Xiaoting Huang, Chun Liu, Chun LIU, Zhenda Wei, Xi Y. Leung

Drawn from flow theory, this study aims to explore children’s flow experiences in virtual reality (VR) by examining the relationships between VR experience length, arousal and…

How can hotel smartphone apps enhance hotel guest experiences? An integrated model of experiential value

Hyeongmin Kim, Chang Huh, Chanho Song, Myong Jae Lee

The purpose of this study was to investigate relationships among the experiential value of hotel apps, the cognitive and affective evaluation of hotel apps users, hotel apps…

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