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New technology and tourism industry innovation: evidence from audio-visual patented technologies

Eleonora Pantano (School of Management, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK)
Dimitrios Stylidis (Department of Marketing, Branding and Tourism, Middlesex University, London, UK)

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology

ISSN: 1757-9880

Article publication date: 28 August 2021

Issue publication date: 1 December 2021




Patenting behaviour in the tourism sector has received little academic attention due to a wider belief that innovation in tourism commonly involves improving the services in ways that are hardly patentable. This paper aims to address this oversight by focusing on patent analysis as means to evaluate the innovation trends in tourism.


Building on an analysis of historical series of patents worldwide from 1996 to 2016, this paper explores the trends in the tourism sector by focusing on audio-visual technologies. The study used an evaluation of the 8,785 emerging patents, in terms of co-occurrences, applying hierarchical cluster analysis, factor analysis and multidimensional scaling.


The findings suggest that there is a gradually increasing interest in innovation in tourism, which is growing faster than most of the other sectors explored here such as transportation and pharmaceuticals. The outputs also reveal the inventive effort of tourism industry in new technologies for developing utility models for tourists.


The study contributes to tourism theory and practice by offering an overview of current/future applications of new technologies in tourism along with future trends, and mapping the main areas that these technologies might affect.



因为旅游业创新常常涉及到服务, 被认为很难专利, 所以旅游业中的专利行为获得很少的科研关注。本论文旨在专注在专利分析来评估旅游的创新趋势。


研究样本数据为1996年至2016年的全世界专利信息, 本论文主要集中研究音频-视频科技的探索旅游业的趋势。本论文分析了8785份专利, 分析方法包括共现、层次聚类、因子分析、以及多维标度。


研究结果表明, 旅游业中对创新的关注越来越强, 相较于其他行业, 比如交通和制药业。研究结果还表明旅游业中对新科技的奖励力度有利于开发为游客的新模型。


本论文对旅游理论和实践都有贡献, 对旅游业新科技的现行/未来的应用, 以及旅游业的未来趋势, 以及映射这些科技主要影响的领域, 都有全面的审阅。



Pantano, E. and Stylidis, D. (2021), "New technology and tourism industry innovation: evidence from audio-visual patented technologies", Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, Vol. 12 No. 4, pp. 658-671.



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