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Data mining approach investigates Western-style restaurant hospitality management in Taiwan

Shu-Hsien Liao (Department of Management Sciences, Tamkang University, New Taipei City, Taiwan, ROC)
Retno Widowati (Department of Management, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
Ting-Hung Lin (Department of Management Sciences, Tamkang University, New Taipei City, Taiwan, ROC)

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology

ISSN: 1757-9880

Article publication date: 15 September 2021

Issue publication date: 1 December 2021




In terms of service hospitality, recent discussions of value-in-use from the perspective of service-dominant logic have focused on the customer’s determination of value and control of the value creation process. The purpose of this paper is to extend these discussions by exploring the value creation process in the Western-style restaurant in Taiwan, which is developed value-in-eat creation for restaurants. In Taiwan, Western-style restaurants are as popular as Chinese restaurants because of globalization and cultural integration. However, to local restaurateurs and managers, managing a Western-style restaurant in terms of localization and hospitality on value-in-eat creation presents both academic and practical issues. Thus, this paper aims to investigate Western-style restaurant hospitality management alternatives on the value-in-eat creation process in Taiwan using a data mining approach.


Based on a market survey, a total of 1,187 questionnaires was incorporated into a database. The questionnaire design is divided into 7 parts with 35 items. All questions are designed as nominal and ordinal (not the Likert scale) scales. Data mining approach, including cluster analysis and association rules, cluster analysis is investigated possible customer profiles and association rules is implemented to explore customer preference patterns and rules on the value-in-eat creation process.


Data mining results show two patterns including Pattern 1: meal patterns and customer preferences for restaurant hospitality management and Pattern 2: customer relationship management (CRM) for restaurant hospitality management that customer profiles and preferences on meal patterns, service patterns and CRM are engaged to suggest effective Western restaurant hospitality management alternatives, such as proper bundles for restaurant types, meals, exotic atmosphere and services of hospitalities in terms of a value-in-eat creation process.


To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this study is the first study to investigate consumers’ behaviors in Western-style restaurants using the measurement of nominal and ordinal scale for questionnaire development and further to implement a data mining approach on selected data samples. In addition, this study illustrates the patterns/rules of Taiwan customer preferences that best explain the knowledge of how to manage Western-style restaurants from the perspective of customer hospitality using data mining.


在酒店服务领域, 近期的从服务主流逻辑为视角关于使用价值的讨论主要集中在消费者对价值的定义以及掌控价值创造的过程。本研究的主要目的是拓展这些相关的讨论从而发掘关于在台湾经营的西餐厅的顾客价值创造过程, 进而开发餐厅的饮食价值创造。由于全球化进程, 台湾的西餐厅和中餐厅同样受欢迎。然而, 对于本地的餐厅所有人和经营管理者来讲, 管理西餐厅关于价值创造过程中的地方化和服务管理还存在学术和实践问题。因此, 本文运用了数据挖掘的方法对西餐关于价值创造的另类途径进行了探索。


基于市场调研, 本研究导入了1187份问卷作为数据库。问卷由7部分35项条目组成。所有问题以称名量表和顺序量表(非李克特量表)测量。数据挖掘包括了聚类分析和关联分析。聚类分析用来分析消费者概况, 关联分析来探究顾客倾向以及饮食价值创造过程。


数据挖掘结果显示了两种模式, 1:食物以及顾客对餐厅的接待管理的偏爱以及模式, 2:客户关系管理包括顾客概况和对饮食模式的偏爱, 服务模式以及顾客关系维护的另类建议, 诸如适度的捆绑销售包括餐厅种类, 菜系, 异域风情的就餐环境以及服务来体现饮食价值创造的过程。


本研究是首次探索了用称名量表和顺序量来研发的消费者问卷并且运用了数据挖掘的方法研究了西餐厅的消费者行为。 此外, 本研究阐明了台湾消费者的偏爱模式从而更好的解释了如何用数据挖掘的方法来研究西餐厅的服务管理。



This research was funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan, Republic of China (MOST 110-2410-H-032-023 -).


Liao, S.-H., Widowati, R. and Lin, T.-H. (2021), "Data mining approach investigates Western-style restaurant hospitality management in Taiwan", Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, Vol. 12 No. 4, pp. 712-729.



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