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Showcasing the diversity of service research: Theories, methods, and success of service articles

Sabine Benoit, Katrin Scherschel, Zelal Ates, Linda Nasr, Jay Kandampully

The purpose of this paper is to make two main contributions: first, showcase the diversity of service research in terms of the variety of used theories and methods, and…

The role of customers in co-creating m-services in the O2O model

Jung-Kuei Hsieh

The purpose of this paper is to investigate customer loyalty in the online-to-offline (O2O) model by conceptualizing and measuring emotion and cognition.

Measuring customer experience in physical retail environments

Juan Carlos Bustamante, Natalia Rubio

In a world where customer empowerment is continuously increasing and changing the service landscape, retailers must provide memorable shopping experiences to retain and…

Competing in business-to-business sectors through pay-per-use services

Heiko Gebauer, Mirella Haldimann, Caroline Jennings Saul

Despite the opportunities provided by pay-per-use (PPU) services, product companies in business-to-business sectors often fail to compete systematically by using them. The…

Service productisation: systematising and defining an offering

Janne Harkonen, Arto Tolonen, Harri Haapasalo

The previous literature has indicated that the productisation of services may play a role in service management, although a certain level of obscurity still surrounds the…

Service innovations breaking institutionalized rules of health care

Arto Juhani Wallin, Lars Fuglsang

Although the digital era has given rise to major transformations in many industries, health care has been remarkably resistant to radical innovations coming outside the…

Toward a public service management: past, present, and future directions

Ian R. Hodgkinson, Claire Hannibal, Byron W. Keating, Rosamund Chester Buxton, Nicola Bateman

In providing a fine-grained analysis of public service management, the purpose of this paper is to make an important contribution to furthering research in service…

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