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Does awareness to climate change lead to behavioral change?

Indrani R. Halady, Purba H. Rao

The purpose of this paper is to investigate whether awareness to climate change and its adverse impacts have any significant linkages to behavioral changes amongst individual…


Defining and assessing the risk of being harmed by climate change

Lino Pascal Briguglio

The purpose of this paper is to assess the risk of a population in a given territory being harmed by climate change by distinguishing between: natural factors, which are…


The role of afforestation programme in combating desertification in Nigeria

Nasiru Idris Medugu, M. Rafee Majid, Foziah Johar, I.D. Choji

The purpose of this paper is to determine the extent to which an afforestation programme as spelt out in the Forestry II programme has checked the encroachment of desert in the…


Observing novel soil conditioners for carbon emissions mitigation

A.J.C. Coles, K.A. Lewis, R.E.H. Sims

The New Zealand (NZ) Government's commitment to a sustainable, low‐emissions energy future may be met, in part, by expanding bioenergy systems fuelled by short‐rotation forestry…


Biodiversity and climate change in Kuwait

Samira Omar Asem, Waleed Y. Roy

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the various consequences of climate change on the biodiversity of Kuwait. Many world organizations have established strategic plans for…


Adapting production forests in southern Sweden to climate change: Constraints and opportunities for risk spreading

Adam Felton, Lindsey Ellingson, Erik Andersson, Lars Drössler, Kristina Blennow

Recent climate scenarios indicate that Sweden's southern region, Götaland, will experience significant climate change over the coming century. Swedish forestry policy guidelines…

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