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Big data analytics capability as a mediator in the impact of open innovation on firm performance

José Arias-Pérez, Alejandro Coronado-Medina, Geovanny Perdomo-Charry

Big data analytics capability (BDAC) is the ability of a firm to capture and analyze big data toward the generation of insights. The literature has mainly focused on…

How non-executive strategy professionals in multi-business firms strategize

Pontus Wadström

This paper expands theory on strategists by investigating how non-executive strategy professionals in multi-business firms strategize. In focus is the strategizing of two…

Run or hide: changes in acquisition behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic

Florian Bauer, Martin Friesl, Mai Anh Dao

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are an important strategic tool for continuous adaptation, sustainable corporate development and external growth. At the same time, M&As…

Leading open strategizing practices for effective strategy implementation

Henk J. Doeleman, Desirée H. van Dun, Celeste P.M. Wilderom

Implementing a new organizational strategy effectively nowadays is said to require open strategizing practices. The purpose of this paper is to examine the adoption of…


Explicating a sustainability-based view of sustainable competitive advantage

Ulrich Lichtenthaler

This paper is a step toward a sustainability-based view of firm performance, which focuses on how companies may achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in a circular…

Narratives of environmental munificence of 3PL firms on the relationship between dynamic capabilities, strategic management and organizational performance

Korhan Arun, Saniye Yildirim Ozmutlu

The purpose of this paper is to examine how the mediating effect of strategic management impacts the relationship between dynamic capabilities and firm performance…

Is bribing a good strategy? Imbalanced interdependence and hazard of opportunism in bribery

Ho Wook Shin, Jinsil Kim, Seung-hyun Lee

In fragile institutional environments, firms often have no choice but bribery as the means to access the services monopolized by the government. Corrupt government…

Behavioral strategy: mapping the trends, sources and intellectual evolution

Jamil Anwar, Aqsa Bibi, Nisar Ahmad

This paper presents a comprehensive review of academic research dedicated to the field of Behavioral Strategy. Based on a series of Bibliometric and network analyses, the…

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