International Journal of Web Information Systems: Volume 18 Issue 5/6


Table of contents - Special Issue: Current Topics of Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web

Guest Editors: Sanju Tiwari, Fernando Ortiz-Rodriguez, Boris Villazon

Process mining based on patient waiting time: an application in health processes

Onur Dogan

Similar to many business processes, waiting times are also essential for health care processes, especially in obstetrics and gynecology outpatient department (GOD), because…

Publication and maintenance of RDB2RDF views externally materialized in enterprise knowledge graphs

Vania Vidal, Valéria Magalhães Pequeno, Narciso Moura Arruda Júnior, Marco Antonio Casanova

Enterprise knowledge graphs (EKG) in resource description framework (RDF) consolidate and semantically integrate heterogeneous data sources into a comprehensive dataspace…

A deep neural network-based approach for fake news detection in regional language

Piyush Katariya, Vedika Gupta, Rohan Arora, Adarsh Kumar, Shreya Dhingra, Qin Xin, Jude Hemanth

The current natural language processing algorithms are still lacking in judgment criteria, and these approaches often require deep knowledge of political or social contexts…

Ranking community detection algorithms for complex social networks using multilayer network design approach

Seema Rani, Mukesh Kumar

Community detection is a significant research field in the study of social networks and analysis because of its tremendous applicability in multiple domains such as recommendation…

Agglomerative clustering enhanced GA for optimal seed selection in online social networks

Shikha Mehta

The social media revolution has brought tremendous change in business strategies for marketing and promoting the products and services. Online social networks have become prime…

CNN-BERT for measuring agreement between argument in online discussion

William Harly, Abba Suganda Girsang

With the rise of online discussion and argument mining, methods that are able to analyze arguments become increasingly important. A recent study proposed the usage of agreement…

Hotel room personalization via ontology and rule-based reasoning

Ronald Ojino, Luisa Mich, Nerey Mvungi

The increasingly competitive hotel industry and emerging customer trends where guests are more discerning and want a personalized experience has led to the need of innovative…

Fake news detection on Twitter

Srishti Sharma, Mala Saraswat, Anil Kumar Dubey

Owing to the increased accessibility of internet and related technologies, more and more individuals across the globe now turn to social media for their daily dose of news rather…

Semiautomated process for generating knowledge graphs for marginalized community doctoral-recipients

Neha Keshan, Kathleen Fontaine, James A. Hendler

This paper aims to describe the “InDO: Institute Demographic Ontology” and demonstrates the InDO-based semiautomated process for both generating and extending a knowledge graph to…

From ontology to knowledge graph with agile methods: the case of COVID-19 CODO knowledge graph

Michael DeBellis, Biswanath Dutta

The purpose of this paper is to describe the CODO ontology (COviD-19 Ontology) that captures epidemiological data about the COVID-19 pandemic in a knowledge graph that follows the…

Keyword-based faceted search interface for knowledge graph construction and exploration

Samir Sellami, Nacer Eddine Zarour

Massive amounts of data, manifesting in various forms, are being produced on the Web every minute and becoming the new standard. Exploring these information sources distributed in…

Applied personal profile ontology for personnel appraisals

Patience Usoro Usip, Edward N. Udo, Ini J. Umoeka

The purpose of this paper is to apply the earlier enhanced personal profile ontology (e-PPO) developed by the authors as a case study for the appraisal of the lecturers in the…

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