Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 4 Issue 2

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Towards a “better” University: the Use of the EFQM Model in a UK Higher Education Institution

Jacqueline Blackmore, Alex Douglas

This paper examines the use of the EFQM Model in H.E. Institutions in the UK and offers a case study of how one University used the Excellence Model as a means to change…

A method of selecting an active factor and its robustness against correlation in the data

Shu Yamada, Jun Harashima

A reducing variation of quality characteristics is a typical example of quality improvement. In such a case, we treat the quality characteristic, as a response variable…

Using Kano’s Theory of Attractive Quality to Better Understand Customer Experiences with E‐Services

Anders Fundin, Lars Nilsson

The interest in on‐line services has increased during the last couple of years and there are now several models developed to better understand how customers evaluate…

The Application of Machine Vision to IC Surface Inspection

Yi‐Chan Chung, Chih‐Hung Tsai, Yu‐Tang Lin

During IC inspection, which includes the two parts of Mark and Lead, the deviation of IC on the tape occurring in high speed movements usually generates light reflection…

Analysis and Compare for Control Charts Under the changed Alarm Rule

Haiyu Wang, Jichao Xu, Young H. Park

This paper mainly studies to build control charts under different alarm rule. For different alarm rule, the control limit parameters of a control chart should be changed…

Understanding and Modelling Brand Equity

Anne Martensen, Lars Grønholdt

The most successful companies today are said to have strong brands. But what is a strong brand? What makes a brand strong? How do we build a strong brand? This paper…


Customer Satisfaction Measurement Model Based on QFD

Yumin Liu, Jichao Xu

With the development of the American Customer satisfaction index (ACSI), research on customer satisfaction measurement or evaluation methods have become significant in the…

Exploring Employee Involvement and Quality Management Practices: A Review of the Literature

Kit Fai Pun

The trend towards employee involvement (EI) has redefined the employer‐employee relationship and, for many organisations, has brought about a fundamental change in…



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