Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship: Volume 23 Issue 2


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Economic factors and the Kauffman startup activity index

Joe T. Felan, Joe R. Bell, Sadiksha Upadhyay, Vess L. Johnson

The purpose of this study is to examine entrepreneurial activity in the USA and whether it supports a “pull” or a “push” theory of startup creation. The “push” theory argues that…

Entrepreneurs’ competencies and networking as determinants of women-owned ventures success in post-economic crisis era in Greece

Lida Kyrgidou, Naoum Mylonas, Eugenia Petridou, Evdokia Vacharoglou

The purpose of this study is to examine factors leading to venture success, emphasizing the role of entrepreneurs as critical in the whole process, based on a sample of women…

Personal-loyalty and pricing benefits from hairstylist-client commercial friendship

Rukudzo Pamacheche, Helen Inseng Duh

Hairstyling entrepreneurs are experiencing increasing customer demand alongside the market competition. Building commercial friendships are one of their strategies to beat the…

Artist jewelry designer entrepreneurship: does it only glitter or is it also gold?

Amélia Brandão, Sílvia Ramos, Mahesh Gadekar

Creative entrepreneurship has contributed to economic development of regions and countries and have become models for the countries in the Western world. Jewelry designer…

Entrepreneurial and market orientation interactive effects on SME performance within transitional economies

Robert Zacca, Saad Alhoqail

The purpose of this study is to examine how the adaptive nature of market orientation (MO) and the risk-taking nature of entrepreneurial orientation (EO) might be integrated for a…

Profiting from innovation in the aftermath of an economic crisis

Ulrich Lichtenthaler

The aim of this paper is to present systematically a variety of benefits from innovating in response to an economic crisis.

Entrepreneurial marketing: a bibliometric analysis of the second decade of the 21st century and future agenda

João M. Lopes, Rozélia Laurett, Hélder Antunes, José Oliveira

The purpose of this paper is to identify the state of the art on publications related to “Business Marketing” over the past 10 years (2010–2020) and available in the SCOPUS…

Multiple intelligence and entrepreneurial opportunity recognition – a failsafe approach of neuromarketing

Shathees Baskaran, Nomahaza Mahadi, Siti Zaleha Abd Rasid

This paper aims to clarify the relationship between multiple intelligence (MI) and entrepreneurial opportunity recognition. It discusses to what extent each dimension of MI is…

The social media marketing strategies and its implementation in promoting handicrafts products: a study with special reference to Eastern India

Sriparna Guha, Anirban Mandal, Fedric Kujur

First, this study aims to focus on the promotional part of the Indian handicraft products through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube…


Chinese entrepreneurs’ experience of social media marketing: perception, strategy and challenge

Huan Chen, Dalong Ma, Ruowen Wang

This paper aims to explore Chinese entrepreneurs’ perceptions and interpretations of social media marketing (SMM) in their daily business practices.

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