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Unpacking the black box: How intrapreneurship intervenes in the intellectual capital-performance relationship?

Kaveh Asiaei, Omid Barani, Nick Bontis, Maryam Arabahmadi

Drawing largely upon resource orchestration theory, this study aims to contribute to the intellectual capital (IC) literature by testing a model where intrapreneurship mobilizes…


A research model for identifying factors that drive effective decision-making and the future of work

Stephan Kudyba, Jerry Fjermestad, Thomas Davenport

The evolving digital transformations of organizational processes involve vast complexities. Factors such as labor resources at the individual and team levels that integrate and…


Do companies disclose intellectual capital in their annual reports? New evidence from explorative content analysis

Petr Parshakov, Elena Shakina

This study suggests an alternative to confirmatory content analysis (CA) and empirically demonstrates that explorative CA enables new insights into the mechanism of intellectual…

Strategic design: origins and contributions to intellectual capital in organizations

Carmenza Gallego, G. Mauricio Mejía, Gregorio Calderón

This article proposes a conceptual basis upon which to address strategic design as business intellectual capital.

Knowledge sharing, intellectual capital and organizational results in SMES: are they related?

Mírian Oliveira, Carla Curado, Andrea Raymundo Balle, Aino Kianto

The purpose of this paper is to explore the relations among knowledge sharing (KS), intellectual capital (IC), absorptive capacity (AC), innovation (IN) and organizational…

The structural capital, the innovation and the performance of the industrial SMES

Nicolás Salvador Beltramino, Domingo García-Perez-de-Lema, Luis Enrique Valdez-Juárez

The objective of this study is to analyze the influence of the structural capital of SMEs in the capacity of innovation and organizational performance, in the context of an…


Marketing-specific intellectual capital: conceptualization, scale development and empirical illustration

Carmela Peñalba-Aguirrezabalaga, Josune Sáenz, Paavo Ritala

The aims of this paper are to identify and classify the knowledge resources that shape intellectual capital (IC) within the marketing function, to develop and validate a related…

Does intellectual capital disclosure affect the cost of equity capital? An empirical analysis in the integrated reporting context

Antonio Salvi, Filippo Vitolla, Nicola Raimo, Michele Rubino, Felice Petruzzella

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of intellectual capital disclosure on the cost of equity capital in the context of integrated reporting, which represents the…


Investigating the impact of networking capability on firm innovation performance: using the resource-action-performance framework

Nima Garousi Mokhtarzadeh, Hannan Amoozad Mahdiraji, Ismail Jafarpanah, Vahid Jafari-Sadeghi, Silvio Cardinali

The experience of successful firms has proven that one of the most important ways to promote co-learning and create successful networked innovations is the proper application of…


Voluntary disclosure of intellectual capital information by deposit money banks in Nigeria

Nnachi Egwu Onuoha, Grace Nyereugwu Ofoegbu, Regina Gwamniru Okafor, Vincent Aghaegbunam Onodugo

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the extent and quality of voluntary intellectual capital disclosure (ICD) by deposit money banks (DMBs) in Nigeria.

Intellectual capital and knowledge generation: an empirical study from Colombian public universities

John Salinas-Ávila, René Abreu-Ledón, Johnny Tamayo-Arias

The purpose of this paper is to provide empirical evidence on the relationships between the dimensions of intellectual capital (IC) and the generation of knowledge in public…

Measures that matter: an empirical investigation of intellectual capital and financial performance of banking firms in Indonesia

Noorlailie Soewarno, Bambang Tjahjadi

This study aims to investigate the intellectual capital–financial performance relationship using two models, namely the conventional Value-Added Intellectual Coefficient (VAIC…


The effects of self-reflection on individual intellectual capital

Zhining Wang, Shaohan Cai, Mengli Liu, Dandan liu, Lijun Meng

The aim of this paper is to develop a tool measuring individual intellectual capital (IIC) and investigate the relationship between self-reflection and IIC.


Intellectual capital and corporate governance: an evaluation of Oman's financial sector companies

Tamanna Dalwai, Syeeda Shafiya Mohammadi

The purpose of this study is to empirically investigate the relationship between intellectual capital and corporate governance of Oman's financial sector companies. Intellectual…


Social capital, employees' well-being and knowledge sharing: does enterprise social networks use matter? Case of Tunisian knowledge-intensive firms

Sarra Berraies, Rym Lajili, Rached Chtioui

The objective of this research is to examine the mediating role of employees' well-being in the workplace in the relationship between the dimensions of social capital, namely…


Intellectual capital and service quality within the mobile telecommunications sector of Egypt

Abd-Elrahman Hassanein Abd-Elrahman, Azza Abd-Elqader El-Borsaly, Eglal Abd-Elmoneim Hafez, Sally Ali Hassan

The purpose of this paper is to empirically investigate the relationship between intellectual capital (IC) (i.e. human capital, structural capital, relational capital) and service…

The influence of board directors' institutional and business relationships on philanthropic foundation performance

Yuting Zhang, Jiebing Wu, Tachia Chin, Xiaofen Yu, Ning Cai

The effect of board intellectual capital on non-profit organizational performance in non-western, less developed economies has been an important yet under-researched area. Given…

Happiness as a driver of entrepreneurial initiative and innovation capital

Antonio Usai, Beatrice Orlando, Alberto Mazzoleni

This study aims to extend the knowledge in the domain of intellectual capital and entrepreneurship by investigating whether happiness may have a positive influence on…

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