International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education: Volume 24 Issue 8


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Community college discourses of sustainability in an academic and professional corpus

Minghui Hou, David Franklin Ayers

The purpose of this study is to identify discourses of sustainability of community colleges and how they related to sustainability imaginaries.

An evaluation of the environmental values, beliefs, norms, and behaviors of sport management students in higher education institutions

Jamee Pelcher, Sylvia Trendafilova, Jeffrey Alexander Graham

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the environmental values, beliefs, norms and behaviors of students in higher education institutions across North America, more…

Establishment and implementation of behavioral observation scale for avoiding food waste for hospitality students

Wen-Hwa Ko, Yi-Ling Hong

The purpose of this study was constructed a behavioral observation scale for avoiding food waste from the point of view of Chinese cuisine, used as an evaluation tool to examine…

Student perceptions and interests in sustainability: differences among student groups and impact on student sustainability program participation

Megan Lee, Tyra Byers, Alyssa Powell

This study aims to examine factors that impact participation of diverse university students in an academic sustainability certificate and Office of Sustainability internships at…

A quantitative assessment model for students’ sustainability: evidence from a Peruvian university

B.F. Giannetti, Feni Agostinho, C.M.V.B. Almeida, Marcos José Alves Pinto Jr, Maritza Chirinos Marroquín, Medardo Delgado Paredes

The study of sustainability within universities is recognized as essential for debates and research; in the long term, the “sustainable university” concepts can contribute to…

Using community-based social marketing to identify promising behavioral targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions among college students

Elizabeth C. Ross, Patricia A. Aloise-Young, Hannah Curcio

The purpose of this paper is to recommend behavioral targets for future interventions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at college campuses and to advise interventionists on how…

Business schools’ transformation towards sustainability: empirical insights from UN PRME signatories

Jasmin Godemann, Bich-Ngoc Nguyen, Christian Herzig

This paper aims to present the progress of the implementation of sustainability in business schools in line with the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education…

Is the grass always greener? Access to campus green spaces can boost students’ sense of belonging

Chloe A. Thompson, Madeleine Pownall, Richard Harris, Pam Blundell-Birtill

An important facet of student’s sense of belonging is students’ relationships with, and time spent in, the university campus. The purpose of this paper is to explore the notion…

Generating students’ loyalty towards the sustainable university during the later COVID-19 pandemic

Dan-Cristian Dabija, Veronica Campian, Liana Stanca, Adriana Tiron-Tudor

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought tremendous changes in society. Universities were among the few organisations with some previous knowledge of online education, being able to…

A step toward nurturing infrastructure sustainability and rating systems through construction management curricula

Rubaya Rahat, Piyush Pradhananga, Mohamed ElZomor

With the increasing demand for sustainable developments, higher education should focus on teaching both sustainable buildings and infrastructure systems. This study aims to…

Enquiry-based skills education for sustainable development in a UK geography module as a catalyst for organisational change

Dawn Theresa Nicholson, Valeria Ruiz Vargas, Gail Skelly

Higher education institutions have a significant role in preparing future generations for the world of work and sustainable development. This paper aims to present a curriculum…

Integrating education for sustainable development in physical education: fostering critical and systemic thinking

Salvador Baena-Morales, Gladys Merma-Molina, Alberto Ferriz-Valero

The aim of this personal vision research is to analyse the characteristics of physical education subject to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the…

Growing a digital iceberg for a polar bear: effects of a gamified mobile app on university students’ pro-environmental behaviours

Ștefan Boncu, Octav-Sorin Candel, Oara Prundeanu, Nicoleta Laura Popa

Pro-environmental education incorporates digital technologies to enhance the level of pro-environmental behaviours (PEB) in young adults. Guided by gamified learning and…

How sustainable is the governance for sustainability in higher education? Insights from an Italian case study

Alessandra Sacchi, Monica Molino, Egidio Dansero, Alessia Antonella Rossi, Chiara Ghislieri

Higher education (HE) institutions can play a fundamental role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. However, universities often face various obstacles to sustainability…

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