Foresight: Volume 12 Issue 3


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

Table of contents - Special Issue: Anticipatory systems and the philosophical foundations of futures studies

Guest Editors: Riel Miller, Roberto Poli

The many aspects of anticipation

Roberto Poli

After summarizing the theories of anticipation proposed over the past century, the paper aims to distinguish between anticipation as an empirical phenomenon and the


Robert Rosen's anticipatory systems

A.H. Louie

This article aims to be an expository introduction to Robert Rosen's anticipatory systems, the theory of which provides the conceptual basis for foresight studies.


Anticipatory systems in physics

J. Ferret

The study of anticipatory systems assumes the existence of two distinct types of systems in nature. Some systems anticipate the future and such anticipation forms part of


Dynamic ontology as an ontological framework of anticipatory systems

Vesselin Petrov

The paper aims to investigate what is the best ontological framework of anticipatory systems. Its aim is to argue the thesis that the ontology on which anticipatory


Anticipation and future vision in Nicolai Hartmann's ontology

Carlo Scognamiglio

This article aims to explore anticipation from an ontological point of view and to analyze in particular some of Nicolai Hartmann's ideas.

Sociological contributions to futures’ theory building

Jan Erik Karlsen, Erik F. Øverland, Hanne Karlsen

This article aims to contribute to futures theory building by assessing the inherent ontological and epistemological presumptions in foresight studies. Such premises


Making anticipatory systems more robust

Pierre Rossel

When coping with complex, but also possibly disruptive and open‐ended social dynamics, the anticipatory system idea, which was developed by Rosen in the realm of physical

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