Career Development International: Volume 1 Issue 4


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A journey into open space and an exploration of management development

Margaret Neal

Explores the writer’s learning about open space technology ‐ from a first experience of it ‐ and also shares some of the content and conclusions of a session offered during an…


Effective management and the development of self‐awareness: a plain manager’s guide

Tom Bourner

Presents answers to the question: how does the development of self‐awareness of managers contribute to organizational success in commercial terms? The question originated from a…


Organizational change and large group interventions

Martin Leith

Proposes six conditions which successful change efforts need to fulfil: self‐determined and self‐managed change process; broad stakeholder involvement; comprehensive awareness of…


Resistance to change as a positive force: its dynamics and issues for management development

Lew Perren

Explores the notion of resistance to change as a positive force within organizations. Suggests that such resistance can be seen as a “natural” survival mechanism within…


Information overload: permission to not know?

Krystyna Weinstein

Suggests that as we begin to drown in information, technology is not the only way to resolve the resulting stress. Argues that as people become less able to absorb, let alone…


Telling stories to find the future

Jeff Gold

Examines how story‐telling was used at the open space conference to explore how current troubling situations faced by management developers could be used to provide lessons for…


Organizational change through individual learning

Suzanne O’Hara

Considers why effective management development is critically important in today’s environment. Questions the concept of organizational change as a process that can be managed and…


In praise of idleness

David Megginson

Presents a model of “idleness” as a graceful and effective mental state for the execution of purposeful work. Uses examples from members of an open space conference, who described…

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