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AIN LGAs for High Performance Packaging Applications

N. Iwase, J. Ewanich

Because they offer many properties favourable forIC package construction, ceramics have been in widespread use as an electronic packagematerial since the early 1960s. In…


High Current Integrated Microinductors and Microtransformers using Low Temperature Fabrication Processes

J.Y. Park, M.G. Allen

In many systems which utilise magnetic components, e.g., miniaturised DC‐DC converters,PCMCIA cards, and modem stand‐off transformers, the magnetic device is the largest…


Novel Epoxy‐based Compositions for Microelectronics Packaging Applications: Part I

R. Ghoshal, M. Sambasivam, P.K. Mukerji

Novel epoxy formulations have beendeveloped for microelectronic packaging applications. The resin compositions are based oncycloaliphatic esters and proprietary epoxies…


A Zero X‐Y Shrinkage Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic Substrate Using Ag and AgPd Conductors for Flip‐chip Bonding*

M. Itagaki, Y. Bessho, K. Eda, T. Ishida

A zero X‐Y shrinkage low temperature cofired ceramic(LTCC) substrate was developed, which was applied to flip‐chip bondedchip‐size packages (CSPs) and multichip modules…


Moisture Ambient Effects on an Al2O3 Thin‐thick Film Overlaid Parallel Coupled Broad‐band Microstrip Filter

S.B. Rane, V. Puri

This paper reports the behaviour of a parallel coupled band pass microstrip filterdue to an Al2O3 thin film‐thick film overlay and the effectof the moisture ambient on the…


Fatigue Properties of BGA Solder Joints: A Comparison of Thermal and Power Cycle Tests

H.‐J. Albrecht, J. Gamalski

To meet the state‐of‐the‐art requirements of BGA assemblies necessitates direct couplingof field conditions, simulation tools for life‐time study and advanced experiments…


Tomorrow’s Packaging – Chip Scale Packaging vs Flip Chip

K. Boustedt, E.J. Vardaman

Theelectronics packaging industry is debating whether CSP, Chip Scale Packaging, or flip chip isgoing to become the major alternative for future products. The user wants…


Effectiveness of Thin‐film Barrier Metals for Eutectic Solder Bumps

S. Honma, K. Tateyama, H. Yamada, K. Doi, N. Hirano, T. Okada, H. Aoki, Y. Hiruta, T. Sudo

This paper describes effective thin‐film structure barrier metals for use as eutectic solderbumps. Shear strength and bump interconnection resistance were evaluated. The…


Advanced Thick‐film Technology — The New Generation

P. Barnwell, J. Wood

Thick film technology has been widely used in the past for medium performance packagingsolutions, but has been unable to compete with thin‐film technology for…


Achieving Low Moisture Levels in Hermetic Packages containing Silver Glass with Organic Solvent Die Attach Materials

P. Coupier, J. Ph. Peltier, E. Pilat

For a considerable time moisture level has been a problem for hermetic packageassembly, although the materials used were only metallics. Today semiconductor technology…

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