Journal of Systems and Information Technology: Volume 4 Issue 2


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Developing a relevant research agenda in knowledge management ‐ bridging the gap between knowing and doing

Edward Truch, Jean‐Noel Ezingeard, David W. Birchall

The diversity and sometimes‐sporadic nature of research in the area of knowledge management (KM) points towards the need for a better understanding of the underlying framework of…

Linking key figures and internet business news for personalized management information

Marco Meier, Peter Mertens

In order to improve decision support through knowledge management it is becoming increasingly important to combine internal and external as well as quantitative and qualitative…


Combining data mining and human expertise for making decisions, sense and policies

Herna L Viktor, Heidi Arndt

A major challenge facing management in developed countries is improving the performance of knowledge and service workers, i.e. the decision and policy makers. In a developing…

Training methods and user characteristics in end user computing

Peter Blakey, Chris Phillips, Julie Bunnell

Training is a critical factor in enabling users to make effective use of their computers. A variety of training methods have been proposed in the literature. These training…

Data mining using client/server systems

Parag C. Pendharkar, James A. Rodger

client/server(C/S) systems have revolutionized the systems development approach. Among the drivers of the C/S systems is the lower price/performance ratio compared to the…

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