Strategy & Leadership: Volume 32 Issue 1


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Making M&A pay: lessons from the world’s most successful acquirers

Ron Langford, Collin Brown

As the global economy starts to perk up, interest in mergers and acquisitions is once again building. Now is the time to confront the paradox at the heart of M&A. Although…

Strategy for the critical first 90 days of leadership

Michael Watkins

The actions taken during the first three months of a new job will largely determine whether you succeed or fail in the long term. The goal should be transition…

The agenda for redefining corporate purpose: five key executive actions

Ian Wilson

In the post‐Enron/WorldCom/Tyco environment of public distrust and tightening regulation, corporations must proactively work to regain public trust. In this skeptical…

Prospecting for valuable evidence: why scholarly research can be a goldmine for managers

Robert I. Sutton

States the top reason why managers should take notice of scholarly research is because actions based on sound evidence beat those based on suspect intuition every time…

Managing a growth culture: how CEOs can initiate and monitor a successful growth‐project culture

Cathy Benko, Warren McFarlan

Today, all companies are more dependent than ever on projects for growth; that is how innovations begin and are implemented. The problem is deciding, in an uncertain…

Managing a growth culture: How Sun manages its project portfolio

Alistair Davidson

Sun Microsystems is a high technology firm that depends upon innovation for survival. This interview of Sun’s Chief Information Officer, Bill Howard, gives insight into…

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