Strategy & Leadership: Volume 25 Issue 2


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When it comes to real change, too much objectivity may be fatal to the process

David K. Hurst

“I'm glad you're angry,” said the Vice President of Marketing to the packed meeting. “It shows that you are starting to change. Anger is one of the early stages.” He then…

People Value Added: The new performance measure

Robert Schneier

People Value Added (PVA) is an economic measure of productivity and organization effectiveness. It is a ratio that measures value created relative to the capital…

Strategy is back: An open letter to S&L readers

William E. Hess

In case you haven't heard, strategy is back. According to a recent Business Week article, “Business strategy is now the single most important management issue and will…

Strategies, systems, and organizations: An interview with Russell L. Ackoff

Russell L. Ackoff

You were one of the founders of operations research and management science in the U.S. In the early 1970s, however, when the “predict and prepare” school of planning was…

Shift thin in RX for Texaco and other global enterprises

Lynne O'Shea

There are three obvious lessons to be learned from the Texaco saga now unfolding on the American stage. First, there is a wide gulf between the official policies of an…

Make it simple! How simplicity could become your ultimate strategy

Bill Jensen

About a year ago, I was meeting with the senior team of one of the world's most successful companies. After hearing plan upon plan about how the company would structure…

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