On the Horizon: Volume 24 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: New Forms in Education

Guest Editors: Elizabeth King

Innovating with STEAM in middle school classrooms: remixing education

Danielle Herro, Cassie Quigley

This paper aims to broaden the conversation regarding STEAM by investigating the new form of education. The novelty of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics…


Video games in classrooms: an interview with Zack Gilbert

Juan Li

This article aims to better understand game-based learning teaching practices through an interview with Zack Gilbert, a 6th grade teacher who is incorporating video games…


Mind the metaphor: charting the rhetoric about introductory programming in K-12 schools

Quinn Burke

The purpose of this article is to review and discuss the varied ways computer programming is introduced to schools and families as a new form of learning. The paper examines the…

An interview with Dr Barry Fishman: rethinking higher education

Lorraine A. Jacques

The purpose of this paper is to share a discussion with Dr Barry Fishman, University of Michigan, concerning how to use technology to improve the learning experience of students…

Impact of new forms of learning in interest-driven communities to future pathways for youth

Crystle Martin

This paper demonstrates the impact of recognition and valuation of youth interest on potential career trajectory and future pathway choices.

How to develop a consortium: conversation and collaboration

Eileen E. Schroeder, E. Anne Zarinnia

This paper aims to describe the conversations and collaborative problem-solving strategies initiated by a small group of faculty working collegially across five University of…


“Games with learning”: adpositions and the lusory attitude

Sean C. Duncan

Games and learning research has diverged into “games for learning” and “games as learning” research. This paper aims to provide a third framing, “games with learning”, that can…

Playing (with) POST cards

Jeremiah Isaac Holden, Pagan Poggione, Jeff Kupperman

This article illustrates through word, image and design the back-and-forth exchange characteristic of Project Oriented Semantic Trading (POST) Cards, a game-based professional…

Learning by design: teacher pioneers

Caroline Williams-Pierce, Theodore F. Swartz

This purpose of this paper is to introduce innovative ways to design, develop and implement original learning experiences, by defining certain design elements with illustrative…

Working in the Open: lessons from open source on building innovation networks in education

Rafi Santo, Dixie Ching, Kylie Peppler, Christopher Hoadley

This article makes the case that the education community can learn from professional learning and innovation practices, collectively called “Working in the Open” (or “Working…

Not just a blip in someone’s life: integrating brokering practices into out-of-school programming as a means of supporting and expanding youth futures

Dixie Ching, Rafi Santo, Christopher Hoadley, Kylie Peppler

This article makes a case for the importance of brokering future learning opportunities to youth as a programmatic goal for informal learning organizations. Such brokering entails…

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