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Table Of Contents: Volume 22 Issue 2

Accessibility and decay of web citations in five open access ISI journals

M.K. Saberi, H. Abedi

The aim of this paper is to scrutinize the accessibility and decay of web references (URLs) cited in five open access social sciences journals indexed by ISI.

The moderating effect of uncertainty‐avoidance on overall perceived value of a service purchased online

Carmen M. Sabiote, Dolores M. Frías, J. Alberto Castañeda

The aim of this study is to analyze differences in the overall perceived value of a service purchased online, and the consequences for international consumer behavior…

Impact of privacy concern in social networking web sites

Xin Tan, Li Qin, Yongbeom Kim, Jeffrey Hsu

This study aims to understand the impact of users' privacy concerns on their acceptance of social networking web sites (SNWs).

Factors influencing mobile services adoption: a brand‐equity perspective

Wei‐Tsong Wang, Hui‐Min Li

The purpose of this study is to develop and validate empirically a research model that depicts the relationships between the identified key value proposition attributes of…

Investigating member commitment to virtual communities using an integrated perspective

Edward Shih‐Tse Wang, Lily Shui‐Lien Chen, Bi‐Kun Tsai

Although the number of virtual communities has increased dramatically over the past few years, attracting and maintaining members remains the biggest challenge to…

Factors influencing consumption experience of mobile commerce

Min Li, Z.Y. Dong, Xi Chen

The purpose of this study is to interpret consumers' emotion in their consumption experience in the context of mobile commerce from an experiential view. The study seeks…



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