Internet Research: Volume 20 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Intelligent e‐services applied to B2C e‐commerce

Guest Editors: L. MartinezLopez, F.J. MartinezLopez

ACT 2.0: the next generation of assistive consumer technology research

Kyle B. Murray, Jianping Liang, Gerald Häubl

This paper seeks to review current research on assistive consumer technologies (ACT 1.0) and to discuss a series of research challenges that need to be addressed before the field…


A multi‐agent architecture to support B2C e‐Marketplaces: the e‐ZOCO case study

José Jesús Castro‐Schez, Raúl Miguel, David Vallejo, Vanesa Herrera

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a multi‐agent architecture, which offers services to be applied in B2C e‐Marketplaces and to present the core system: the search agent.

A multi‐agent approach for provisioning of e‐services in u‐commerce environments

Nayat Sanchez‐Pi, Jose Manuel Molina

Taking into account the importance of e‐commerce and the current applications of AI techniques in this area, this research aims to adequate the design of a multi‐agent system for…

Using linguistic incomplete preference relations to cold start recommendations

Rosa M. Rodríguez, Macarena Espinilla, Pedro J. Sánchez, Luis Martínez‐López

Analyzing current recommender systems, it is observed that the cold start problem is still too far away to be satisfactorily solved. This paper aims to present a hybrid…

Psychological elements explaining the consumer's adoption and use of a website recommendation system: A theoretical framework proposal

Francisco J. Martínez‐López, Inma Rodríguez‐Ardura, Juan Carlos Gázquez‐Abad, Manuel J. Sánchez‐Franco, Claudia C. Cabal

The purpose of this paper is to understand, with an emphasis on the psychological perspective of the research problem, the consumer's adoption and use of a certain web site…


BizSeeker: A hybrid semantic recommendation system for personalized government‐to‐business e‐services

Jie Lu, Qusai Shambour, Yisi Xu, Qing Lin, Guangquan Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to develop a hybrid semantic recommendation system to provide personalized government to business (G2B) e‐services, in particular, business partner…


Privacy‐preserving data‐mining through micro‐aggregation for web‐based e‐commerce

Guillermo Navarro‐Arribas, Vicenç Torra

The purpose of this paper is to anonymize web server log files used in e‐commerce web mining processes.

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