Empowerment in Organizations: Volume 5 Issue 4


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Down with diversity (at least some of it): a case for cultural identity

Keith D. Denton

Analyses the power of cultural identity and its role in society. Considers the issue of diversity and its role in the building of unified communities, both within…


Hennepin County coordinated home services for the elderly: A strategic opportunity for implementation of societal values: a case study

Linda S. Wing

Seeks to find methods of delivering service to a valued component of society, the elderly. Utilizes a large scale, participatory research design to include employees in…


High involvement leadership: moving from talk to action

Ann Howard

Finds in a study across 25 organizations more talk about high‐involvement leadership than effective implementation. Part of the problem was that senior managers wore…


Chaos theory as a model for strategy development

Brigid L. Bechtold

Uses chaos theory as a model and explores the requirements for strategizing in a rapidly‐changing business environment. Conjectures that organizations in a fast‐paced…


A review of the literature on employee empowerment

Linda Honold

“Employee empowerment” as a term is frequently used in management circles. In practice, however, it is a daunting effort to find an exact definition of it. There are…


The paradox of empowerment ‐ a case study

Eric L. Wickisier

Displays the effects of empowerment when the idea of empowerment becomes embedded in organizational culture. Avoids quick fix tactics; instead advises a long view approach…




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