Quality Assurance in Education: Volume 6 Issue 2


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Making a case for educational development in times of drift and shift

Graham Badley

Ten strategies are offered as collectively making a case for an educational conception of professional development in higher education. These strategies, it is argued, should help…


Conceptual problems of continuous quality improvement and innovation in higher education

Ian Michael Roffe

Examines the conceptual problems of applying continuous quality improvement in higher education by exploring the general wisdom of its use in industrial practice. Highlights the…


ISO 9000 as a global educational accreditation structure

John Peters, Gordon Wills

Argues a market‐orientation for the ISO 9000 quality assurance standards. Discusses the experiences of the International Management Centres (IMC) in seeking and gaining…

Identifying needs of potential students in tertiary education for strategy development

Mathew Joseph, Beatriz Joseph

Competition in the education sector has led a number of providers of higher education to re‐evaluate the level of service provided to its customers. Past research in this area has…


Developing an institutional framework for rewarding excellence in teaching: a case study

Jane Thompson, Mike Cook, Derek Cottrell, Roger Lewis, Bill Miller

Outlines an institutional framework for identifying and rewarding excellence in teaching, drawing on an initiative developed at the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside…


Developing distance learning courses in a “traditional” university

Sally Lawton, Richard Barnes

Distance learning is becoming more popular in the traditional university setting. The term “traditional” is used to denote the main full‐time approach to educational provision…

What’s your problem? Giving more than lip‐service to learning support

Donal Carroll

Suggests a particular practice should be developed when dealing with difficult adult learners. This involves changing the purpose of conventional “tutorials” to “learning…

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