International Journal of Wine Marketing: Volume 15 Issue 3


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Comparative Economic Regulation of Viticultural Appellations: U.S. Practices and Italian Wine Law

David E.R. Gay

Government regulation affects “the economics of what's‐in‐a‐name” in the U.S.A. and Italy, as well as in other nations. The paper briefly explores some of the economic…

An Overview of a Successful Export Industry from Regional Australia

Rumintha Wichramasekera, Geoff Bamberry

Australian wineries have shown a dynamism lacking in some other regional industries by successfully tapping into international markets. This paper provides an overview of…

US Wine Imports and Foreign Investment Opportunities

Carlos A. Benito

Demand for US wine imports, import planning process. Nerlovian adjustment model, short and long run elasticities, forecast The increase in wine imports, poses questions about a…

Consumer Self‐Confidence in Wine Purchases

Janeen E. Olsen, Karen J. Thompson, T.K. Clarke

Wine marketers realise that to increase the overall size of the wine consuming population they must make wine more approachable and easier to understand. As it now stands, many…


Wine Brand Naming in China

Ian Wilson, Yuelu Huang

In international marketing the search for suitable brand names is complicated by a number of issues. One of these is the decision as to whether to standardize, localize, or use…



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