Executive Development: Volume 5 Issue 4


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Professional Coaching in Leadership Development

Richard G. Ford

Professional coaching is a vastly under‐explored idea in leadershipdevelopment. Shows how professional coaching is a management tool ofgreat potential, and can transform the…


MBAs: Degrees of Competence?

Neil Utley

Examines why MBA graduates are often accused of being over‐paidtheorists whose knowledge of business is confined to the classroom andsterile case studies. Highlights deficiencies…


How to Win More Business in a Recession

Cristina Stuart

Describes the essential communication skills which managers need inthe current competitive business world especially for those responsiblefor acquiring new clients in professions…


Using Management Learning Contracts in My MBA: Part 1

Kenneth M. Pascoe

Describes one of three reports submitted under DurhamUniversity/Northern Regional Management Centre′s competence‐based MBA– Directing and Developing Subordinates. The Management…


Training for Chaos: Part II

Bill Peters

Second of a two‐part article. Looks in detail at evaluating theeffects of training and understanding its objectives, and at specifyingIT management training programmes – together…


Developing Attitudes

Julie Hay

Explains how attitudes are “assumed” from behaviour anddescribes five characteristic working styles which can be identified.Gives examples of each working style in action, shows…


Assessing for Competence at Safeway: Part II

Mike Stringfellow

The role of a store manager in a supermarket was factor analysed todefine 12 key areas of effectiveness. Managers were trained to classifybehaviour observed in competence areas…


Management Development Courses: Do They Work or Is it Time for Some Changes?

David Butcher, Catherine Bailey

Questions whether current management development programmes do orcan have any lasting value. Suggests that many are inappropriatelyfocused, seriously limited in their content and…


Retention Skills

James L. Smith

Explores recent survey information into management executives′ability to retain information within an interactive skills trainingenvironment. Suggests that our ability to learn…


Performance Management: A New Perspective

Frederick W. Cannon

Describes an approach to performance management incorporating casestudies of BP and Ford as examples of good practice. Argues that adifferent approach to performance management is…




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