International Journal of Educational Management



Table Of Contents: Volume 8 Issue 2

Synectics: A Problem‐solving Tool for Educational Leaders

Stelios N. Georgiou

Presents the theoretical foundations of the creative problem‐solvingtechnique known as Synectics. Points out the usefulness of thistechnique for educational leaders and…

Risk‐assessed Educational Management

Gerald Vinten

Recent initiatives in educational resource management in the UK, andwith parallels elsewhere, have placed much emphasis on performanceindicators, league tables…

Management Training for the University Head of Department

Adrian Eley

Recently, universities have been subject to many changes which haveplaced new demands on management at all levels. Reports a study, at auniversity in the north of England…

Tooled‐up for Management: Lessons from the Mainstream

John O’Neill

Responds to the issues raised by McIllhatton et al. in their analysis ofhow a study of practice in mainstream management might be used to informeducational management…

Professional Development for Teachers

D.R. Black, T.J. Harvey, M.C. Hayden, J.J. Thompson

Outlines the programme “Professional Development for Teachers inInternational Schools” which was developed from a modular programmealready in existence at the School of…

Continuous Monitoring – An Approach

Liam F. Heaney

Considers the idea of continuous monitoring, discussing some of theissues involved in the process. While identifying some of thedifficulties involved one possible approach…

“To Train or to Educate?”

John H. Holcomb

Do we train or do we educate? The argument has been met since earlyEgypt. Are we simply to pass on the accumulated wisdom and knowledge ofprevious generations or are we to…

New Directions in the National Curriculum

Neil Richardson

Suggests a framework to clarify one approach to learning in schools, aprocess of appreciation that brings the students′ own lessons intoformal education. Much simpler than…

A Change of Direction for 1994

Neil Richardson

Briefly outlines the concept of systems engineering and soft systemsmethodology as a framework for helping students to cope with theproblems and disagreements which they…



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