International Journal of Educational Management: Volume 10 Issue 4


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School management training programmes: status and improvement

Naftaly S. Glasman

Examines university‐based training programmes for school management in the USA. Surveys these programmes and opinions about them. Demonstrates how one institution used global…


Education for living tomorrow: premisses for developmental planning

Keng Choy Chong

States that the foreseeable future scenario of Singapore suggests the need to include premisses about the future in school developmental planning. Outlines a futuring process…


Assessment strategies: some comparisons between the UK and the US systems of higher education

Laurie Mullins, Martyn Roberts

Based on the first‐hand experiences of two university lecturers who each spent a year lecturing at universities in the USA, starts with an overview of the US educational system…


Customer compatibility management: an alternative perspective on student‐to‐student support in higher education

Jennifer E. Rowley

Emphasizes the controllability of customer‐to‐customer interaction in the higher education environment. Argues that students′ satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their experience…


Post‐secondary educational leadership: preparing for the brave new world

Richard Bond, Terry Boak

Identifies a number of recent shifts in issues affecting education and examines the impact on leadership in education with particular reference to the Canadian context. Discusses…


Marketing schools and consumer choice

Janet A. Harvey

States that the concept of marketing is regarded with suspicion by many in education because of its commercial implications. Marketing is seen as a potential tool for the…


Preparing for primary school management: training providers, task preparation and support ‐ perceptions of new headteachers

Gerald Dunning

With reference to a recent government proposal for the introduction of qualifications for headteachers in England and Wales, presents some initial findings of research into…

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