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Variable speed PMSG design and implementation for wind driven welding power source

Vinod S., Balaji M.

The purpose of this paper is the attempt to model a variable speed permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) for extracting a standalone power source to assuage the needs of a…

A novel Ka-band MMIC coupled filter with harmonic suppression

Jin Guan, Min Gong, Bo Gao

A novel Ka-band compact parallel-coupled microstrip bandpass filter with harmonic suppression performance has been designed, implemented and tested on GaAs MMIC.

A multi-dimensional matrix keyboard interfacing circuit design

Guangwei Yu, Yuan Yao, Zhuoyuan Song

This paper presents a novel design method for keyboard circuits. The purpose of this study is to enable a single-board computer with fewer pins to recognize a keyboard system…

Ultra-low-power time-efficient circuitry of dual comparator/amplifier for SAR ADC by CMOS technology

Muhammad Yasir Faheem, Shun'an Zhong, Xinghua Wang, Muhammad Basit Azeem

Successive approximation register (SAR) analogue to digital converter (ADC) is well-known with regard to low-power operations. To make it energy-efficient and time-efficient…

Proposed 3.5 µW CNTFET-MOSFET hybrid CSVCO for power-efficient gigahertz applications

Hamidreza Ghanbari Khorram, Alireza Kokabi

Several ultra-low power and gigahertz current-starved voltage-controlled oscillator (CSVCO) circuits have been proposed and compared here. The presented structures are based on…

A read-disturb-free stable low power and high-density GNRFET 6T SRAM with multi-VT technology

Pramod Kumar Patel, M.M. Malik, Tarun Kumar Gutpa

The performance of the conventional 6T SRAM cell can be improved by using GNRFET devices with multi-threshold technology. The proposed cell shows the strong capability to operate…

High quality factor fractal inductor with complementary split-ring array inclusion

Akhendra Kumar Padavala, Narayana Kiran Akondi, Bheema Rao Nistala

This paper aims to present an efficient method to improve quality factor of printed fractal inductors based on electromagnetic band-gap (EBG) surface.

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