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Temperature simulation and its application in on-line temperature measurement of a micro drill bit

Hongyan Shi, Hui Li, Shengzhi Chen

The purpose of this paper is to obtain the micro drill bit temperature field distribution in micro-drilling process and the temperature drop in retracting process with simulation…

Performance analysis of micro drill bit with asymmetric helix groove

Hongyan Shi, Jiali Ning , Hui Li

The purpose of this paper is to present a new method to optimize the micro drill bit based on finite element analysis, and analyze the performance of the asymmetric helix groove…

Computing method of thermal conductivity of heat dissipation vias in printed circuit board and its optimization

Shuo Xiao , Yang Zhao , Yuan Cao, Haifeng Jiang, Wenliang Zhu

– This paper aims to deduce a set of theory computational formula, and optimize and improve the heat conductivity of vias in printed circuit boards of electrical power apparatus.

Multiphysics coupling simulation of RDE for PCB manufacturing

Linxian Ji, Chong Wang, Shouxu Wang, Wei He, Dingjun Xiao, Ze Tan

The purpose of this paper is to optimize experimental parameters and gain further insights into the plating process in the fabrication of high-density interconnections of printed…

The non-destructive examination of cone-beam CT image circuit board based on the new interactive cutting method

Yunjie Li, Kun Li

– The purpose of this paper was to realize a non-destructive examination for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and to obtain an accurate and high-efficient image.

Study on process technique of PCBs with ladder conductive lines

Xiaowei Li, Jia Liu, Shengtao Zhang, Wei He, Shijin Chen, Zhidan Li, Jida Chen

– This paper aims to develop an ideal technique for the preparation of print circuit boards (PCBs) with ladder conductive lines on practical industrial process lines.

Electrical studies on biopolyurethane from cashew nut husk tannin

A.J. Sunija, S. Siva Ilango, K.P Vinod Kumar

This paper aims to focus on the evaluation of the electrical properties of bio-based polyurethane material derived from cashew nut husk tannin and also the effect of temperature…

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