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Embedding and assembly of ultrathin chips in multilayer flex boards

W. Christiaens, T. Loeher, B. Pahl, M. Feil, B. Vandevelde, J. Vanfleteren

The purpose of this paper is to present results from the EC funded project SHIFT (Smart High Integration Flex Technologies) on the embedding in and the assembly on flex substrates…

Electroluminescent light sources via soft lithography

R.J.H. Young, P.S.A. Evans, G.I. Hay, D.J. Southee, D.J. Harrison

Microcontact printing is a process used to print high‐resolution protein arrays for biosensors. The paper aims to investigate using these techniques to print electrically…

ProSurf technology road map – a summary

John Ling, Peter Starkey, Michael Weinhold

In August 2007, the European Institute of Printed Circuits produced a Technology Roadmap for the industry for the period 2007‐2017. The purpose of this paper is to give details of…


The sonochemical surface modification of materials for electronic manufacturing. The effect of ultrasonic source to sample distance

Andy Cobley, Tim Mason

To build on the results detailed in the previous paper where it was shown that sonochemical surface modification could be achieved in water. This paper aims to look at one of the…

Reliability aspects of electronic devices for advanced requirements

Florian Schüßler, Michael Rösch, Johannes Hörber, Klaus Feldmann

This paper aims to detail the qualification of alternative substrate materials and reliability aspects for quad flat no lead (QFN) packages for highly stressed electronic devices…


The application of X‐rays in the failure analysis of electronic devices and systems

C.A. Smith

The aim is to focus on the application of X‐rays in the failure analysis of electronic devices and systems, with an emphasis on X‐ray radiography and X‐ray spectroscopy.

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