Circuit World: Volume 29 Issue 4


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The effect of insoluble anodes on the process control and deposit quality of acid copper electroplating baths

A.J. Cobley, D.R. Gabe

Despite the fact that insoluble anodes are becoming more utilized in acid copper electroplating for printed circuit board manufacture, little work has been published on the impact…

The use of automated optical testing (AOT) in statistical process control (SPC) for printed circuit board (PCB) production

Nigel Talbot

Statistical process control is a powerful tool for understanding changes taking place during the manufacture of a printed circuit board. It can be used to raise the product…

An overview of the current status of lead‐free assembly and related issues

Martin Goosey

Over the last few years, the emergence of new European draft legislation has focussed electronics industry attention on the likely ultimate proscription of lead in electronics…

New materials and challenges in build‐up, RF and high speed applications – an overview

James Shang, Yung‐I Liu

Miniaturization, with increased functionality and use of high‐density packages is a rapidly growing facet of the electronics industry. Low loss materials for high frequency…

A new method for destroying organic contaminants and recycling waste water from printed circuit board manufacturing process effluent streams

Neil Wright, Martin Potter, Narinder Bains, Martin Goosey

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid and other organic chelates are widely employed in electroless plating processes used by the printed circuit board and metal finishing industries…

The developing technologies of integrated optical waveguides in printed circuits

Happy T. Holden

High density interconnect (HDI) printed circuits are now being designed in ever‐increasing quantities for very high‐speed applications. The challenge of opto‐electronics and…


An update on the WEEE and RoHS directives

Kate Geraghty

Outlines and comments on the waste electrical and electronic equipment and the restriction on the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment directives…



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