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Soldermask laser direct imaging – an enabling technology

David Albin, Brewster Barclay

The use of laser direct imaging (LDI) processing for outer layer circuit pattern generation and the benefits already obtained with this process have encouraged attention to be…

Sophisticated HDI flexible substrates for advanced applications

M. Stampanoni

Miniaturization driven PWBs used for implantable medical devices, hearing aids and other medical and scientific applications, as well as for advanced products in the printing and…

A novel process for the manufacturing of advanced interconnects

R. Mosses, S. Brackenridge

A wide variety of novel processing techniques can be used in conjunction with new polymer technologies to enable the clean, efficient and accurate manufacturing of interconnects…

The relationship between self‐annealing of plated copper and copper surface treatment

Toshiko Nakagawa

This paper discusses how the grain size of plated copper changes as time passes by observing the copper surface topography after surface treatment with a roughening agent. This…

A three‐dimensional transmission line matrix (TLM) simulation method for thermal effects in high power insulated gate bipolar transistors

R. Hocine, D. Lim, S.H. Pulko, M.A. Boudghene Stambouli, A. Saidane

In this paper, thermal analysis for a 1,200 A, 3.3 kV insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module was investigated and analysed using the three‐dimensional transmission line…

Recycling technologies for the treatment of end of life printed circuit boards (PCBs)

Martin Goosey, Rod Kellner

New legislation to encourage the recycling of end of life electronics and moves to implement sustainable development in electronics manufacturing have focussed attention on the…

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