Circuit World: Volume 27 Issue 4


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Finite element modeling to analyze durability of BGA/CSP connections during thermal shock

Subhotosh Khan, Dan J. Molligan

Personal electronic devices at the user interface, like cell phones, utilize BGA/CSP structure for miniaturization of circuits. These structures are subjected to severe thermal…

The use of statistical experimental design for PCB process optimisation

David Albin

Statistical experimental design (SED) can be used as an analytical tool to investigate the effect of a range of PCB processing parameters (variables) on certain final properties…

Low cost HDI multilayers – the power mesh architecture

Happy Holden

This paper describes the power mesh architecture (PMA), a new interconnection topology which leverages the production technologies of microvias, via‐in‐pads and fine‐line…

Integrated passives in advanced printed wiring boards

Stephen O’Reilly, Maeve Duffy, Terence O’Donnell, Paul McCloskey, Seán Cian Ó Mathúna

This paper will focus on the work which was carried out under the Brite‐EuRAM funded project, COMPRISE (BE 96‐3371), the objective of which was to develop new materials and…

Asia: the growth engine for the world electronics industry over the next 20 years

Shiuh‐Kao Chiang

Gives an account of recent trends in the electronics industry and makes predictions for the next 20 years.

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