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PWB Interconnect Strategy Using a Full Build Electroless Copper Plating System: Part 3: Characterisation of a Semi‐additive ‘Naked Palladium Catalyst’ Approach

K. Minten, J. Cisson

This, the third in a series of papers, reports an investigation of the semi‐additive process strategies of PWB manufacture. It will show that, although the adoption of a ‘naked’…

Rework of Multi‐chip Modules: Device Removal

J. Chang, C. Spooner

This paper will review rework of multi‐chip modules (MCMs). The issues of die removal from substrates (i.e., PCBs) with different chip‐to‐substrate interconnect technologies will…

An Assessment of the Use of Lead in Electronics Assembly: Part 1

This report, presented as the keynote paper at Surface Mount International, is the culmination of joint efforts to assess the use of lead in electronics assembly. The study, which…

Alternative Solders for Electronics Assemblies: Part 1: Materials Selection

P.G. Harris, M.A. Whitmore

This is the first of two papers reporting work carried out under a programme sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), involving collaboration between the…

Terpene Chemical Stability and Composition Monitoring

U. Ray, I. Artaki

Terpene based cleaning agents, such as Petroferm Inc.'s EC‐7,® are currently being used successfully for cleaning rosin based fluxes from a variety of electronics substrates…

Thermal‐mechanical Processing and Repairability Observations for FR‐4, Cyanate Ester and Cyanate Ester/Epoxy Blend PCB Substrates

F. Fehrer, G. Haddick

Thermal cycling tests and failure modelling were conducted on FR‐4 and cyanate ester printed circuit board (PCB) substrate materials to evaluate reliability limits tor solder and…

Teknek Electronics Ltd, Quarriers Village, Bridge of Weir, Scotland

Lorna Cullen

FRIDAY, December 11, 1992 — While hordes of headline‐seeking journalists at Holyrood Palace competed for the latest scoop on the Edinburgh Summit, it was pleasant to travel west…

Special Report

Lorna Cullen

After a five‐day exhibition, Electronica, Munich's international trade fair for electronic components, assemblies, related measuring devices and testing systems, has demonstrated…

International Institute News

Stewart Hildred, Alex Ross, Eckhard Runge, R. Chellappa

For most of us in the industry, and certainly the members of CEMA, 1992 could have been much better. To look back over the black spots would serve only to remind us that we are…

Industry News

President Bush recently announced that Northern Telecom had received a presidential award recognising innovation and leadership in protecting the environment. Fulfilling a pledge…

New Products

Laminates for printed circuit board substrates, based on Bayer Polyurethane's Blendur, have a glass transition temperature of approximately 300°C — claimed as higher than the…

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