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Non‐ionic Water Soluble Flux Residue Detection by XPS

A. Hirt, I. Artaki

For many years the analysis of contaminant residues on PWB surfaces has been of major importance to the industry. While the identification of residues left on metallic surfaces…

Electroplating of Thick and Ductile Palladium‐nickel Alloys

H.K. Straschil, I. Kadija, J. Maisano, J.A. Abys

Electroplating of palladium‐nickel alloy is becoming widely used, mainly for interconnection applications in the electronics industry and for decorative purposes. Enhanced…

A New Adhesive System for Heat Sink Bonding

S. Hamilton

Current techniques for bonding thermal planes or heat sinks utilise materials and methods initially designed for other applications and so have several disadvantages. The new…

Cyclic Voltammetric Studies on Synthetic Electroless Copper Plating Baths

N.M. Martyak, B. McDuffie

Cyclic voltammetric measurements were recorded on various synthetic electroless copper plating baths. The shapes of the current potential curves were observed as various…

New Polymeric Multilayer Substrates and Packaging

H. Ohdaira, K. Yoshida, K. Sasaoka

This paper reports on the development of a simple manufacturing process for polymeric multilayer substrates utilising the thermoplasticity of thermoplastic resin. Features and…

New Flexible Circuit Material Evaluation

D.J. Fossey

A project has been undertaken to evaluate new sources of flexible circuit materials for use by the author's company. The vast majority of flexible circuits are fabricated from…

International Institute News

Lorna Cullen

The Palexpo Exhibition and Conference Centre close to Geneva Airport was the location for this timely event organised by the EIPC and sponsored by Du Pont Electronics…

Industry News

Trevor Galbraith

Robert Linsdell has been appointed Sales Manager by Dynachem, the Warrington‐based manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the printed circuit board industry.

New Products

Grace Electronic Materials has announced a new UV curable etch resist. Voltacure SR 338 is a high thixotropy UV curing screen print ink which resists acid or alkaline etch…

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