Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 31 Issue 5


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Sustaining corporate success: what drives the top performers?

Kurt Matzler, Franz Bailom, Markus Anschober, Susan Richardson

In a world afflicted with hyper‐competition, dynamic and increasingly rapid market changes, and global economic crises, there still exist, however rare, exceptional companies that


The engagement factor: building a high‐commitment organization in a low‐commitment world

J. Lee Whittington, Timothy J. Galpin

Attracting and retaining a talented work force is a strategic imperative. Doing so requires organizations to create an overall context through a set of macro‐level organizational


A risk‐based approach to strategy execution

Norman T. Sheehan

This article integrates strategy mapping, risk management and management control into a risk‐based approach to strategy execution. It uses strategy mapping as a tool to visually


Thinking strategically about pricing decisions

Nigel F. Piercy, David W. Cravens, Nikala Lane

Harsh economic conditions have put pricing higher on the agenda but responses to pricing challenges have frequently been tactical. The intent is to build on basic pricing


The ambidextrous organization: integrating managers, entrepreneurs and leaders

Philip A. Dover, Udo Dierk

Argues that three basic archetypes – managers, entrepreneurs and leaders – must exist within the “ambidextrous organization” where a balance must be found between managing the


Pay more get more? What buyers say

Betsy D. Gelb

This study investigated perceptions useful for pricing decisions. Buyers observing premium prices may believe that “you get what you pay for,” but do buyers seeing low prices


Channel innovation for the rest of us

Stuart E. Jackson

This article discusses one approach to innovation involving changing the way a product is delivered to customers. Building on the work of Kim and Mauborgne in the book Blue Ocean


Lords of Huh?

Patrick Marren

Review and discussion of the book Lords of Strategy by Walter Kiechel III.

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