Interlending & Document Supply: Volume 25 Issue 3


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Project EDDIS: an approach to integrating document discovery, location, request and supply

David Larbey

Provides an introduction to EDDIS, a document delivery project of the UK Higher Education Funding Councils’ Electronic Libraries Programme. Describes EDDIS from the…


Interlending and document supply in Australia: the way forward

Judith Greenaway

It is now recognized that libraries not only need to work smarter and more efficiently for the benefit of an identified clientele, but also need to be innovative in the…


Outsourcing document supply ‐ the BT experience

Sheila Broadmeadow

Describes the design and implementation of an automated document request system at the BT Laboratories library, Ipswich, UK. The system allows users to enter requests for…


ARIEL document delivery: a cost‐effective alternative to fax

Sonja Landes

Describes ARIEL, a high‐speed, high‐quality, cost‐effective document delivery system that runs on the Internet. Journal articles can be sent from one place to another by…


Towards access services: supply times, quality control and performance‐related services

Norman Boyd

Reports on a recent pilot survey carried out between six public library authorities within LASER (London and South Eastern Library Region), the largest library region in…


Opinion paper: Vineyards can be misleading ‐ a reply to “Cheaper by the case”, the guest editorial in ILDS Vol. 24 No. 3, 1996

Mike McGrath

Counters the argument expressed in an earlier issue of ILDS that electronic document delivery is the answer to readers’ needs. Argues that with over 100,000 books…

Interlending and document supply: a review of recent literature ‐ XXXII

Margaret Barwick

Describes some national developments in the interlibrary loans field and various tools of the trade. Highlights relevant case studies and surveys along with examples of…




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