Planning Review: Volume 9 Issue 6


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Why cash is king at Cooper

Robert Cizik

At cooper industries we treat cash with great respect. In fact, the view of our entire management team is colored by the importance we place on cash. It affects the way we…

Vventure capitalists

Norman Fast

IN 1980, venture capitalists invested almost $1 billion in the growth businesses and emerging industries of the future. Eighty percent of this investment was made by the…

Approaches to competitive analysis

Shea Smith

Much business success depends upon the actions and reactions of competition. Market position, freedom of pricing, and finally the bottom line return on investment all are…

Communicating your strategic plan

Erik G. Rule

A $1.5 billion manufacturing company spent over eighteen months and countless man‐years of effort methodically hammering out a strategic plan for its domestic and…

Driving force: Key to strategy

Robert M. Markus

The corporate planner needs a foundation from which to coordinate short and long range planning operations. This foundation is the organization's statement of strategy…

A move forward for the organization chart

Frank Feather

Practicing managers see significant systematic principles in the world around them. They may not have accurate labels for the principles, and they may not appreciate fully…

Performance evaluation at Conoco

Aivars Krasts

One Axiom common to all economies is that they must save and invest enough to replace their productive capacity as it is depleted, or the standard of living of their…



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