Planning Review: Volume 9 Issue 2


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Among all the important qualities essential for management, the most fundamental of all is the sunao spirit. Without it, a manager will never succeed in actualizing the…

The solar age: Post‐economic challenges

Hazel Henderson

Historically, the disintegration of a culture was gradual, over many generations. But the crises of industrial culture have emerged swiftly, during the past thirty years…

A strategic approach to productivity management

Bradley T. Gale

Crushing productivity problems are causing U.S. industries great discomfort. Newspapers and magazines allude to these problems every day. In many industries, hoping to…

There is one assessment

Thomas M. Leahy

There is one assessment of the conditions of the American economy that appears to be nearly unanimous:

Market share: Key to profitability?

Donald L. McLagan

Concepts award market share the key position in the determination of competitive profitability. However, the strategic planning concepts of the experience curve, the…

Overview of planning in Poland

Zbigniew Czajkiewicz

Planning and management of the national economy in Poland is one of the leading factors influencing the country's socio‐economic development. An essential role in the…

Details of economic planning to be settled in the 1980s

Robert Lekachman

It is not astonishing that societies suffer linguistic hangups derived from their national experience. Germans, recalling the horrible inflation of the 1920s, have been…



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