Planning Review: Volume 23 Issue 6


Table of contents

Issue Management: Closing the expectation gap

Teresa Yancey Crane

How can business leaders deal with the gap between corporate performance and stakeholder expectations? One solution may be to institutionalize issue management.

The coming electronic commerce (R)evolution

Robert L. Segal

Advances in interactive communication will dramatically alter the structure of distribution. Will end users' direct access to on‐line product and purchasing data eliminate…

Visualization of knowledge: Braiding and using intangible assets digitally

John H. Clippinger

How can organizations accelerate their learning processes and build intangible knowledge assets? Some companies are using digital technology simulations such as TeleSim…

Innovation: The core competence

James M. Higgins

Innovation is the secret to competitive advantage in today's rapidly changing environment, but how does a company ensure an innovative environment? Is innovation all in…


Getting the most out of scenarios: Some questions and answers

Audrey E. Schriefer

One of the sessions at the 1995 International Conference featured a panel of scenario experts: Bill Ralston, SRI International (SRI), Robert Wilson, Northeast Consulting…

Corporations: Catalyst for a New World

Vickie Hathorn‐White

There is perhaps no faction as powerful as business in its ability to influence the future of society as a whole. As a result, many companies are rethinking their social…



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